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Who are we?

The Super Secret SNEPE Society is a collective of likeminded individuals; cryptocurrency & Cardano enthusiasts, developers, creatives and memelords.

Originally founded as a 'memecoin' community, we share a common passion for quality discussion and cutting-edge DeFi tool development.

What is $SNEPE?

Once a parody project, now a major Cardano native token, $SNEPE is the asset which ties our community together.

Holding $SNEPE represents a member's commitment to the secret society, and provides them with premium benefits.

The total $SNEPE supply is 420,000,000,069.

Policy ID: b3bd74dd43f83815519e387bdffd1cb9be411df8f2774f48e0fd3669

What are we building?

Groundbreaking analysis and interactivity tools for Cardano DeFi. By harnessing the capabilities of an open ledger, we're crafting utilities to give the average user a trading edge.

Find out more by visiting the TORI site.

How can you get involved?

Our Discord server is open for anyone to participate, and our suite of premium tools is available to members holding 100M $SNEPE or more.

$SNEPE can be purchased from Minswap.