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We're changing the trading metagame:

The ultimate Cardano DeFi Discord bot

Join the 25 servers already benefiting from:

Lightning-fast, Discord-integrated trading

Real-time price checks

Limit order depth analysis

Customisable asset tracking alerts

And much more...

Access Tiers

Any server is free to invite the bot and utilise the Trade tools.

Additional user & admin benefits can be gained by holding $SNEPE.

Holder benefits apply in every server in which the bot is installed.


Add to your server (Admins only).

Use Trade tools (Fees apply).


Use Analysis tools (25 credits per day).

Play $SNEPE slots.


Unlimited Analysis tool credits.

Discounted Trade tool service fees.


Set & collect custom trade fees for your server (Admins only).

$SNEPE can be obtained via Minswap.

Feature Overview is packed with features, and we're constantly adding more. Here's a rundown on a few of the most important:

Multi-DEX Trading

> Trade Cardano native assets across a range of major exchanges, directly from Discord.

> Streamline your trading by bypassing the DEX frontend.

> Create & manage orders in a handful of clicks, all from the comfort of your favourite server. Trade preview Trade preview

Real-time Asset Analysis

> Rapid price checks: quickly examine the DEX price of a Cardano native asset.

> Order impact calculation: Dry-run your trades.

> Limit order analysis: Visualise active limit order depth.

> Trade history: follow the activity of any address.

Customisable Alerts

> Fully-customisable, user-defined alerts for Cardano native assets.

> Rapid notification for price targets, pumps and dips.

> Integrates with the Trade tools to allow rapid response orders. Trade preview Trade preview

Slots & Games

> Kick back and relax with classic games, played and paid in $SNEPE.

> Provably fair, industry-standard randomisation mechanics.

> Potential for huge jackpots.

Admin Benefits

> Monetise your server by collecting ADA fees from your user's trades (1B+ $SNEPE holders only).

> Build your user retention by turbocharging their trading experience. Trade preview

Getting Started

Add to your Discord server and get started in minutes!

Usage instructions for users and admins can be found in our User Guides.

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