Purchase $TORI tokens

The TORI token sale has now concluded.

$TORI remaining: 250,000,000,000 / 250,000,000,000

Frequently asked questions:

$TORI is the Cardano native asset that underpins the TORI ecosystem. Holding varying amounts of $TORI provides access to premium features of the TORI Discord bot.

We're issuing this token to replace $SNEPE and modernize our tools.

TORI (formerly SNEPE.tools) is a Discord bot that provides real-time Cardano asset trading, analysis and alerts across all major DEXes, directly from the Discord interface.

We'll be launching the newly branded TORI bot in Summer 2024.

Everyone can use a limited selection of the tools within TORI for free, with daily usage limits

Holders of 100M+ $TORI gain access to the full suite of tools with no daily usage limits.

Additionally, server owners holding $1B+ $TORI may set and collect custom fees for their user's trades.

Holders may also connect their wallet to gain exclusive roles within our Discord server.

250B (250,000,000,000) $TORI is available at a rate of 0.0000004 ADA/TORI.

You may purchase up to 5B (5,000,000,000) $TORI per Cardano address.

There are no fees for purchases, other than Cardano network fees.